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What My Students Say about My Classes

English Sara Reviews


Sara was always friendly, with a very positive attitude. She is very professional and capable of covering even complicated technical fields, such as engineering in my case. I certainly improved my English level, especially my writing skills, which is what was required from my work.

Sara fue siempre muy simpática y con una actitud muy positiva. Es una gran profesional capaz de cubrir incluso areas técnicas complicadas, tal y como la ingeniería en mi caso. He mejorado mi nivel de inglés ampliamente, especialmente la escritura, que era lo que me habían pedido en el trabajo.

English Sara Reviews


I like having lessons with Sara. She is the best teacher I have every had! Not only does Sara correct my essays, but she also encourages me and motivates me to excel! Thanks to her, I am making progress in English.

English Sara Reviews


Definitely Sara is one of the best teachers. I took 20 lesson with her and in each lesson I received lots of extremely important data about grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and features of native English language. Thank you Sara for your outstanding work and efforts. Sara is very attentive and supportive teacher, she is always so nice, fun and prepared. If you want to improve your English and master your IELTS skills, do not hesitate to book a package with her.

English Sara Reviews


Thank you very much Sara, for these enjoyable, friendly and extremely useful lessons! I looked forward to each lesson and always had so much to tell you. I'm sorry for my stupid mistakes which I did sometimes and thank you for all your patient. :) I told you already a lot of times, you are not only the best teacher, you are an incredibly nice person. I'm very happy to be your student and also to know you personally!

English Sara Reviews


Very profesional teacher, she made me feel comfortable during the class by having an interesting and enterteining conversation, creating an excellent teacher-student atsmosphere. She is helpful and motivational, she let the student speak about any topic then carefully and rigorously listen and correct the mistakes All those qualities motivate me and make me feel that I'm well investing time and money.

'Estoy muy satisfecho con la clases, ya que Sara es muy profesional, genera confianza, crea un muy buen ambiente. Una gran profesora con quien puedes conversar temas interesabtes y entretenidos. Por todas esas razones tengo la seguridad que estoy invirtiendo bien el tiempo teniéndola como profesora. Gracias, Sara'

English Sara Reviews


This is my 30th lesson with teacher Sara. She improved my English writing, reading, speaking and vocabulary especially for the IELTS exam. She motivated me with her great advice and words. English with her is more easy than I thought. Sara is a smart teacher and she understands what do you need to work on. She is always on time and prepared for class. You are the best teacher for English and for IELTS, I am lucky to have you!

“I knew about Sara and her work through other students at the beginning of my first semester and then Sara helped me with many of my normal assignments and graduation dissertation for one year. I kept on asking Sara to help me to proofread my assignments but not other proofreaders because Sara read and checked very strictly. She not only help me to correct my grammer mistakes but also improved the language style and guided my writing and thinking logic so that my article looks more academic. For me, Sara is not just a proofreader but my academic writing teacher. I learn a lot form her during this year.”


What My Students Say about My Proofreading Service


As a non native speaker, proofreading is a good way to increase the quality of your essays. Sara was my teacher when I was studying English. She is not only professional, but works with responsibility. In addition, the price of the service is vey reasonable!



She not only helps your essays with grammar, but also making your sentences more native. She will edit and add notes with different colors, meanwhile, you can know your drawbacks which you could improve next time by the clear proofreading, which I think it's really a good point, as I could improve myself. After she did proofreading for you, you are free to ask her any questions if you have, she will be patient to answer your questions.


In addition, she is very efficient!! She is always send back your work on time even before the time you requested.


In sum, her proofreading is very high quality with a reasonable price as well as very efficient!! If you need proofreading, Sara is the right person, the reliable person!




I needed Sara to proofread and double check my whole dissertation (10,000 words in total). A few years earlier I had Sara as a teacher during a three months Ielts course. She was great teaching me during that period so I kept her in my contacts for future needs. She is a very patient person, she always tries to find the best way to help and when she does it she is super clear and professional. She helped me during the various stages of the writing up of my dissertation. She always gave me more than what I was expecting. I received a First as a grade and a Best Dissertation award for it.   I would strongly reccommend her services to anyone who needs proofreading, grammar check, revising dissertation, essays and other types of writing.


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