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IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE and other Exam Courses

Practice and preparation classes that mean you can focus on any of the skills you know you need to improve.

This course is suitable for everyone - people new to the exam or people with experience.

Materials will be provided in digital format.  

£38 per hour

£340 for 10 hours

General English

During these classes we can work on anything that you want to or we can work together to identify areas to focus on.

We improve your confidence and develop your fluency

Perfect your speaking skills and focus on your grammar and pronunciation.

Learn useful reading and writing skills, so you can become a more effective reader and written communicator.

Express yourself well with the right vocabulary

​£33 per hour  

£300 for 10 hours 


Speak Naturally

If you have an advanced level but you still struggle to express yourself

and sound like a native, this is the class for you! 

In this class, I teach you:

  • strategies and techniques that will make you sound more natural

  • work with you to reduce your accent 

  • vocabulary, including phrasal verbs, expressions and idioms used by English speakers in their everyday language

£38 per hour

£350 for 10 hours

Get in Touch

Contact me if you have any questions about the classes I offer or my proofreading service.

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