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English Sara



Hi everyone, I'm Sara and I live in Romsey, England. I have been teaching English for over 20 years in schools and universities, and working as a proofreader for 15 years. 

I speak Spanish and have been learning since I was at school and am fluent. I am also a beginner in Swedish, so I understand the challenges of learning a new language. In short, I know what it is like to be at different points in the language learning journey.
I have lived in Spain, Libya and Mexico, and I am aware of just how important confidence is when it comes to communicating in another language, and so I have a very patient, encouraging approach. I can also give you advice on how to overcome any fears you may have about speaking.  

 I have spent many years teaching English and I have strategies to help you improve all of your language skills, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening.
I also really enjoy teaching grammar and vocabulary and I explain them clearly.
I can also help you to develop a more natural, native sounding accent, by helping you with sounds, connected speech and intonation. 

I absolutely love teaching IELTS and other exam courses such as FCE, CAE, and CPE, and would be very happy to prepare you for any of these exams. 

Get in Touch

Contact me if you have any questions about the classes I offer or my proofreading service.

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